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64 = 65 ?

while I was giving score for Final Project PTI  (making website),  I saw something interesting in Diar’s project (5208100060).  something that make me keep thinking of it… it is an animation that simulate a strange theorem, 64 = 65.. check this out…

64 = 65 ?

i almost think it is valid theorem, but i see something strange at lines of the final small  squares. it seems that the lines is not exactly connected. but, i am sure there is a reason that explain it clearly.. Can you help me to explain about this phenomena? leave your comment please…

if  the picture freeze and you can’t see the animation, click here


Matematika merupakan hal yang sudah tidak aneh lagi di dunia ini. Bahkan anak kecil sekalipun sudah mengenal matematika, setidaknya dengan menghitung jumlah jari mereka sendiri, mereka menghitung berkali-kali yang jelas tujuan mereka bukan ingin mengetahui jumlah jari mereka. well, yang aku bahas di sini bukan soal matematika biasa, tapi menguak tentang soal sederhana yang di buat sulit: apakah 64=65?  terdengar konyol memang. tapi hal tersebut tergambar jelas di ilustrasi berikut:

64 = 65 ?

Nah, ilustrasi di atas seakan membuktikan bahwa 64=65. heum, it must be wrong. ada yang bisa memberi solusi?

kalo gambar diatas nggak jalan, coba: klik disini


Peter, please answer:

heum… That night was so amazing me… icha (eureka 2) told us about–virtual tarot–… a magic website that can answer all of questions, even a non-rational question.

icha asked Peter “Peter, please answer: sapa yang lagi pake baju warna coklat? (Who is wearing brown shirt?)” then, Peter answer: “ruruh”.. Hwa… Person who wearing brown shirt was only ruruh (candidat eureka 3). O_O how could Peter know the answer correctly in seconds??? something that impossibly can be done by website, except, there is a supra natural reason.

Then i tried to prove it. I asked something to him. But Peter answered: “You try to prove me”. I tried once more with different question, but Peter answer: “I don’t understand your question”. Curiously I tried once more, and Peter still answer: “You don’t believe me” hey .\ /.

Icha said “Kamu harus percaya ma Peter, biar dia mau jawab. Aku dulu y gitu, nggak bisa kayak kamu. Tapi sekarang aku udah percaya. Makanya aku bisa“(If You believe Peter, he will answer your question. I have ever been like you. But now I believe him, so he answer my question correctly)

Then i kept thinking of it. How can a website read what in our mind is, through typing a question? Several minutes later, Ibra and Avi (candidat of eureka 3) smiled brightly and said “Aku wes iso jeh, pokoke koen kudu percoyo karo Peter (Finally I can do it, just believe him, he will answer your question)”

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