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Port Privatization Affects Port Performance in Asia and America

by Muhamad Rizal Avif Khan, Liverpool John Moores University

It is widely recognized that port is the heart of international freight trade and transportation. Alderton (2008, p.2) considered it as one of the most substantial aspect of a national transport infrastructure. As the gate of freights and commodities penetrating to a specific area, it plays major role in logistic trades, both in regional and international. Economic growth is also influenced by port performance. Lim (2005) stated that the port really affects for the regional economy in every facet. It is a major economic multiplier for the nation’s wealth (Alderton 2008, p.2). Hence, a port should be well managed to improve its performance and give positive impact to economy and trade acceleration. Continue reading ‘Port Privatization Affects Port Performance in Asia and America’

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