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Laptop prices Rp 120.000,-

Laptop prices Rp 120.000,-? I’m not joking, Guys. It is a real laptop. olpcIndia releases lowest-prices laptop in OLPC (One Laptop per Child) program. Well, the program sounds interesting, doesn’t it? OLPC is project from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S., that makes efforts in supplying cheapest laptop for children in developing countries.This laptop has 2 GB RAM and built-in wireless network tool. oxlaptopI got price information from jawapos that states each laptop price is INR 500 (nearly equals to Rp 120.000) in India. But, when I visited OLPC site, it is stated that each laptop prices $ 199 (nearly equals to Rp 2.000.000). Perhaps, They are subsidized in India. Well, let’s view more about OLPC’s laptop.

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